Create an Inclusive and Diverse Culture within Your Modern Team.

A faith-based approach to diversity and inclusion training.

You will be equipped to cultivate a truly inclusive culture that benefits everyone on your team. The Reconciliation Group provides a variety of programs to encourage and equip leaders to become courageous advocates for inclusion and belonging.

Churches are spending thousands on INTENT without gauging true IMPACT.

Nearly all pastors say churches play a vital role in reconciliation, but only half say it is among their church’s priorities. – The Barna Group

Our Packages

The Reconciliation Group is committed to experiencing life with others. We can present at a church-wide seminar, provide a keynote, lead a Q&A, give a reading, preach, or offer a combination of what’s helpful for your organization or event.

The Reconciliation Group will lead your team through an interactive workshop that will help your team understand the reality of racism in our culture today, while equipping you to engage your community around you with greater impact.

Does your staff need a fresh start? Are you building from the ground up? Let The Reconciliation Group walk alongside your team as they seek God’s heart to create truly loving, equitable spaces in your church and community.

The Plan


A member of our team will meet with you, to review your specific organizational culture and needs, in order to determine the best program to accomplish your goals.


For our coaching programs, your staff will meet at regular intervals, in-person, with a member of The Reconciliation Group team, for specialized training and discussion. Throughout the intermediary months, your staff will commit to completing focused action steps.


After Your Program Is Complete, The Reconciliation Group Will Provide Follow-Up Resources For Your Next Steps, As Well As Offer Timely Feedback On Implementation Plans.


Two friends who tackle race, God, social justice, current events, and the Church today.